Pre-Owned Guarantee






With Asia Distributor pre-owned consoles and accessories, you get maximum fun at minimal prices. Regardless of whether you want recently released electronics or classic consoles from a time gone by, our pre-owned deals make it possible to own gaming consoles that work like new at prices you’ll be able to appreciate.


The majority of products for sale on this site are pre-owned. Fear not, as they are carefully tested. We guarantee they’ll work like new. If you run into any issues or are not totally satisfied, simply return the product within 30 days and we’ll refund your money or exchange it for the equivalent.


Pre-loved Bundles: Did you miss an entire console generation? Are you feeling nostalgic for your old GameCube or Xbox 360? Asia Distributor sells pre-loved bundles that bring you back to your earlier gaming days. These pre-owned bundles are available with a console, cables, a controller, and iconic games(contact for details).


Globally competitive prices: Our prices are so low that you’ll be glad you waited all this time to find us. With our pre-loved discounts we provide a great way to test out whether or not you like a console; with you won’t experience buyers remorse.


When you buy previously owned from Asia Distributor, you can trust that these consoles, electronics, and accessories are all carefully chosen and refurbished to provide the optimal gaming experience. Browse our extensive collection of pre-owned products from Nintendo, PlayStation Portable, and more(did we mention we will have phones soon too?)