Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS
The Nintendo 3DS gaming console is the successor to the Nintendo DS brand. It can play 3D games without any glasses or accessories. Additionally, it offers fascinating features like the SportPass and StreetPass tag modes, the ‘augmented reality’ feature, and Virtual Console that allows players to download games originally available in previous gaming consoles.

It further boasts of some impressive applications: Miiverse, Internet Browser, Nintendo eShop and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Model details:
Display: Dual Screen, LCD touchscreen
Internal Memory: 64 MB
External Media Storage: SD card memory card
Size: 5.3(l) x 2.9(w0x 0.8(h)
Weight: 8 0z
Colors: Aqua blue, Cosmos, black, Flaming Red
Compatibility: Plays DS and DSi games
Wireless communications: Wi-Fi
Online Media Portal: Nintendo eShop
Streaming video: Netflix
Game Media: Game card and digital
Online multiplayer: Yes
Average Battery life: 3-8 hours
Input method: touchscreen and buttons
Digital camera: 3 megapixels
Graphics: 3D
Enjoy playing games of the different genre, from the oldest to the most recent
The 3DS has been designed in such a way that you can play the best games from the Nintendo DS and DSi consoles with the Backward Compatibility feature.

You can also receive and distribute games to other 3DS owners using the console’s Wi-Fi. In this way, you’ll enjoy playing all the classics plus the newer games—all under one console.

Get entertained any time, any place
Nintendo eShop has apps that provide video-on-demand services, so you can enjoy watching videos from anywhere.

Netflix and Hulu allow you to stream your favorite TV shows. And with YouTube access, you can watch entertaining videos all day for free. You can also stream sports games using other integrated apps.
Make your gaming a reality
The console’s 3D capability and face tracking technology takes your gaming experience to another level. It enables you to immerse yourself into the games you play—by using AR cards, you can make your favorite game characters come to life.

The console allows you to play 3D games without wearing any glasses or accessories, and choose the 3D level you enjoy most with the 3D depth slider.

The 3D cameras let you snap well-defined 3D photos and record yourself in 3D doing the things you love.
Play games using smart, precise controls
Players can use the unique controls on the 3DS to maximize their gaming experience. The C Stick helps in charging smash attacks when playing and is also perfect for sophisticated movements in some games.

The inbuilt microphone further enhances your interactive experience when playing, and helps you record sounds used for playback.

Connect with other players
Exchange game data including Mii characters with other players with the StreetPass technology, and compete in compatible games with other 3DS gamers either locally or online.

After creating your own Mii character, you can pay a visit to the StreetPass Mii Plaza, so that your characters can meet and play enjoyable games.

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