Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi
The Nintendo Dsi is a powerful handheld gaming device that is fitted with dual screens and features a touchscreen control. Fashioned in a smooth, folding design, the console boasts of impressive features that offer gamers a somewhat exclusive gaming experience.

With a built-in camera, gamers can take clear-cut photos, edit them on the spot, and share them on social media with the Nintendo DSi Browser. In addition, users can play back their favorite music with the Nintendo DSi Sound while surfing the internet.

Model Details
Dual screen: 5-inch transparent OLED multi-touch screen

External Media: SD memory

Storage: 256MB internal flash memory

Size: 5.4 inches

Weight 7’5/11.1 oz

Colors: 7.5 0z

Backward Compatibility: Plays all Ds games

Wireless communication: Wi-Fi

Online Media: Nintendo

Internet browser: Yes

Console integration: Yes

Game media: Game card plus digital downloads

Online Multiplayer: Yes

Estimated Battery life: 3-14 hours

Input method: Touch screen, shoulder and face buttons

Digital Camera: 2 megapixels

Built-in Microphone: Yes

Resolution quality: 256 x 192

Snap photos, record videos
The console’s inward and outward facing cameras allow you to take photos of yourself and save them either on the device’s inbuilt memory or on an optional SD card.

You also have the luxury of customizing your shots using 11 different lenses.

You get to play some fun camera mini-games while utilizing the facial recognition technology to make your photos look funnier. Make your friends laugh by editing your photo and adding a fake mustache or a pig nose.
Play games from other consoles
You can download demos and buy awesome games digitally from the DSi store – access indie games, legendary titles, recent mini-games and many more.

You also get to download and play older DS, Gameboy and Gameboy Color titles.
Spice up your gaming by recording and editing sounds
Have fun recording any sound on the DSi Sound application. Use the various audio filters to distort your sound by altering its speed.

You can also experiment by increasing or decreasing the pitch of your own voice; listen to how you sound like with the lowest-possible and highest-possible pitch, and have fun while you’re at it.
Surf the web comfortably on your device
The gaming console has an integrated Opera browser that gets you online faster than other web browsers; it supports internet-on-the-go.

As long as you have access to an open Wi-Fi Connection, you’ll always have an easy time surfing the web.

Besides the Wi-Fi hotspot option, users can also use a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector to meet their internet needs.
Store your favorite games and applications
Gamers have a variety of storage options on the DSi for downloading videos, games, music, and applications. You get 256MB inbuilt memory and an SD Card port for your 2 GB, 4 GB, 8GB, 16 GB and 32 GB memory cards.

The device further supports SDHC cards that offer more than 2 GB worth of storage.

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