Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo DS Lite
The Nintendo DSL is a dual screen, handheld, powerful multifunctional gaming console that features backwards compatibility to older games and seamless connectivity to the internet. It a redesign of the initial Nintendo DS, and is meant to boost gameplay on the go. However, the Nintendo DSL is not only a lighter-weight version of the original, but it’s also slimmer and brighter.

Model Details
Product Name: Nintendo DS Lite

Audio Output Support: Stereo

Power Source Types: Power Supply-Internal

Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion

RAM Capacity: 4MB

Device Input Support: 4-Way CROSS Keypad

Supported Media: SD Memory Card, Nintendo Ds Game Card, Nintendo DSi Game Card,

Voice Control: Yes

Video Color Output: Yes

Display Type: LCD

Product Line: Nintendo DS

Release Date: 2/10/2008

Display Size: 3.12in.

Battery Uptime: Up to 19hr.

Internet Connectivity: Wireless

Enjoy unrestrained gaming on your console
Owning a DS Lite doesn’t mean you’re restricted to Nintendo games only; you can enjoy playing extra games from the Game Boy Advance console. Insert its game paks into DSL’s extra port and transform your gaming experience.
Enjoy more gaming time
Users get to play for longer periods of time without having to worry about charging their devices. This is due to the console’s impressive 19 hours of battery life.

On only one charge, you can play your best games for 19 hours continuously. You won’t have to disrupt your gaming time to look for a charger, or even worse, go through the agony of restarting a game because your console switched itself off unexpectedly.
Connect with other gamers through the internet
The Nintendo’s Wi-Fi compatibility enables you to connect wirelessly and chat with friends and gamers via the internet.  It also allows you to download thrilling games, interesting videos, and useful applications from the Nintendo eShop.

You can compete with other Nintendo DS users in exciting action and sports games, whilst testing your skills against more experienced players.

Explore the amazing 3D feature, play the older games that have been renewed in 3D, and access hundreds of DSiWare applications and games.
Experience improved visuals
Get the best visuals possible when watching videos and playing games. The console’s dual, ultra-bright LCD screens display vivid and crisp colors, ensuring you’ll never have a dull gaming experience with the DS Lite.

Its efficient touchscreen feature on the lower screen also ensures you play your games flawlessly, without any hitches.
Make your gaming a reality
With the DS Lite you can make your games come to life, and create unforgettable gaming experiences. All courtesy of its impressive dual processor.

The device uses lightning-fast rendering to enhance its 3D graphics, making sure you are fully entertained when watching videos and playing games. Its 256 x 192 resolution further enhances your viewing and ensures you have the most fun when playing.

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