Customer Services return policy

We guarantee 100 percent satisfaction for every purchase you make. However, if you aren’t satisfied with a given purchase, you can return the item for an exchange or refund within 30 days.

30 Day Warranty

Even though we do our best to describe the condition of items on our site accurately, we’re human and could make mistakes. In addition, some items can break during the process of shipping.
If you aren’t happy with the item you ordered, you are free to return it and ask for a refund or a replacement within 30 days.

We shall deduct shipping costs from your refund amount if your item has (a) a pre-paid label and (b) was in good working condition when you received it.

We charge 15 per cent restocking fee on every item returned due to erroneous purchased or other personal reasons. The restocking fee shall be subtracted from the amount refunded to you. Visit the Return Centre to start the process of returning an item you don’t want. privacy policy

Asia Distributor holds your privacy concerns in the highest regard. We will never sell, lease, distribute or rent your personal info or purchasing behavior to 3rd parties. Please check our full privacy policy.

What payment types does accept?

We accept payments via Stripe and credit card. We will add more processors in the future.

Does ship internationally?

Yes, we ship items to more than 90 countries around the world. Check our shopping cart to view the list of all the countries we serve.

How long do orders take before delivery?

Have a look at the info below to understand how long your order will take after shipping has commenced. The timeframe depends on the fees you’re willing to pay for shipping.
Expedited: Deliveries takes 7-10 days on average (please contact us for this option as it is not available to all locations)
Express: Shipping takes an estimated 1-2 weeks on average.
International: Deliveries take between 10-21 days

How much does shipping cost?

United States of America: Fixed rate for all orders within the US, provided you pick the express shipping option. If you want your items to be delivered more quickly, please contact us for the rate based on weight and location.
Canada: Items weighing less than 1kg (2 pounds) are charged a standard 25USD fee for shipping. Shipping costs for orders above 1kg depend on how much each individual item weighs.

International: Shipping orders are charged a 25 USD flat rate if they weigh 1kg (2 pounds) or below. Shipping costs for orders above 1kg depend on the weight of a given item.

Please note:
The buyer is responsible for paying all taxes and customs. Such costs aren’t factored in our shipping charges.

Our refund policies

We provide refunds only if the item you ordered is damaged or faulty, subject to our internal investigations. In the case of Consoles, it’s vital that you understand the high system requirements prior to making a purchase. Consoles orders won’t be returned or refunded. reserves all the rights. Please read our terms and conditions periodically for updates.

Common questions

I tried to place an order using my credit card but the order wasn’t successful. What is the status of the cash deducted from my bank account?

Firstly, check your credit or bank account to make sure the cash has been debited. In case of payment failure, wait for 7 business days for the bank to wire back the amount into your account.

However, timeframes may vary from one bank to another and we may not be able to help you in such a case. Sometimes, the bank may advise you to get in touch with us, especially if we receive your funds. We will refund your cash within 3 business days after you make a request. Alternatively, you can place an order with the funds you sent us and we’ll be happy to serve you.

If my questions are not addressed here, what should I do?
Get in touch with us 

Inquiries and customer services

Answering your questions or responding to complaints or concerns.

Providing you with timely info on the products we offer, crucial announcements regarding your account and updates on our offers and services. We also provide info on money off vouchers if you opt to receive this information.

If you get in touch with us to ask about an order you’ve made, or raise an issue about our website, our aim is to reply to your query as fast as possible. We act that way because we’re genuinely interested in replying back to you.

If you opt to receive our newsletter or other marketing resources sent by means of email, you can opt-out anytime through the unsubscribe button at the bottom. You can also, opt out by contacting us through this address: [email protected] We may also request you to opt-in so that you receive our updates, information or marketing materials like discount offers or vouchers.

Taxation and other legal obligations

● Submitting VAT and other company tax requirements as demanded by law
● Comply with regulators and law enforcement bodies in case of any arising claims

We process personal data legitimately as (i) we’re legally obligated to ensure the use of our site is legal and non-fraudulent (ii) to ensure there’s no disruption of our services (iii) to ensure no member of our staff or other persons get harassed (iv) and in the process of abiding by our legal obligations, we’re allowed to disclose your personal info if required by law.

This may include disclosing your data to our auditors or government agencies for taxation or financial accounting purposes. We hold the right to also disclose your personal info to third parties when enforcing our contractual agreements, investigating possible breaches, when protecting our freedom and rights, when defending our property or the safety of our enterprise as well as when protecting our the interests of our customers.
Where we have irrefutable proof that you’ve breached the stated laws, we may send your personal data such as email or any other info to relevant enforcement bodies. If we get involved in an acquisition or merger deal, or sale of our business assets (partial or full), we’ll inform you via email and the info will also be prominently posted on our website. Any changes to the ownership of our site will be disclosed fully.

Multiple Packages & Split Orders

At the checkout, you have the option to choose how you want your order processed as well as how it’s shipped to you. You have to choose between these two options.

Default option: Please send all the products together
If you pick this choice, your order shall be sent the moment all products are available. This is the cheapest option but it does consume a bit of time.
If your purchase includes pre-order items that won’t be available prior to the order date, your shipment shall be divided automatically. And you’ll be charged separate shipping fees.

Split Shipping: Please send all available items first:
If you opt for this option, the items available in stock shall be sent to you first. In essence, it means you’ll have an opportunity to receive your items faster, though your shipment shall be billed individually. You are advised to pick this selection if your pre-order will delivered after the order date.

Common question:

I picked a single package but my order didn’t arrive as one
To hasten processing and fulfillment, we use several distribution points in the throughout the world to ship your orders. This enables you to get more than a single delivery, even if you select the option “please send all the items together”. No extra fees shall be charged in this circumstance.

One of the products I purchased was back ordered. How does that work?

If your purchase has a back ordered product, available items shall be sent initially. The back ordered product will be sent the moment it’s available and you won’t need to pay extra shipping charges. If you change your mind and don’t want to wait for back ordered items, get in touch with us and we’ll cancel your order.

Order or Package Tracking

The majority of packages, especially orders belonging to the Express shipping category, are usually shipped out via FEDEX which provides tracking with all order

You can monitor how your orders are processed and view tracking information which will be emailed to you at the address you registered for when you placed your order.

Additionally, when your order ships you should receive a shipping verification email. You’ll be able to view your carrier and tracking number when you check the tracking segment of your email. Emails labeled as “Tracking N/A” means the carrier does not provide a tracking service for your email.

Why doesn’t offer tracking number for every order?

It’s only on rare occasions where the tracking number are not provided by a carrier. pre-owned, accessories and consoles offer you unlimited fun at low-cost prices. It doesn’t matter whether you want recent consoles or classic consoles from the past. We have great pre-owned offers that function like new ones at reasonable prices.

High-Quality Standards: Each and every pre-owned product on our site is thoroughly tested and should work as new. Ultimately, our low pricing does not mean that we sell cheap and faulty products. If you encounter any problem or you aren’t satisfied with what you see, return the product within seven days and you’ll be refunded your money.

Alternatively, you can also return the product within 30 days and get a free exchange.

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Pre-owned assurance

This pre-owned product has undergone extensive testing and should work perfectly. If you aren’t entirely satisfied, you can return the product within 7 days and you’ll get a refund. The product may not come with the original packaging (box) and manual. The item on the photo could differ from the product you receive.

Collecting Information
We pull together personal data like names, email address, postal address, etc. when they are sent by visitors voluntarily. The information you provide us is used for fulfillment purposes.

We will never share your personal info
We don’t share your personal data like email or postal addresses with 3rd parties. Only our authorized staff are allowed to view this information.

Future Use of Personal Data

We retain the right to reach out to you through email for certain transactions involving our company. For examples, we’ll contact you on issues such as shipping status, payment processing issues, etc. We will, however, not contact you to promote things like our specials, new products or features, services unless you give us consent.

Cookies and Site Use
We use cookies and other 3rd party application on our website for the purposes of processing transactions. In addition, cookies help us find out what products our customers’ love, the pages they visit and the purchases they make.

Privacy Policy Changes

Privacy policy changes shall be posted on this page.