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Compare Pre-Owned PSP Bundles

pre-owned psp console

The PSP 3000 is Sony’s second addition to the portable gaming range. It uses a 480×272 resolution screen which is 4.3 inches in size. It is capable of showing over 16 million colours and impressive MP3 audio. The built-in 64MB memory allows gamers to store a range of games whenever they wish. The unit can also play movies and music making it a portable, miniature entertainment system. Reviews featuring PSP 3000 vs other consoles often have the PSP coming out on top.

Pre-Owned Bundles Offer Variety

Our pre-owned PSP 3000 bundles help to make sure that you get the most from your purchase. This is because the bundles include everything that you need to be able to play your PSP as you please, including peripherals such as chargers, batteries and memory cards. They can also include optional extras such as screen protectors, headphones and cases. We have various varieties of bundle available offering different peripherals and extras.

What you decide is largely a matter of personal preference and budget, although the PSP cost over time will decrease. With so many to choose from, though, it can be difficult to decide. Here’s a PSP bundle comparison of the many options available to you, and how our bundles compare with bundles found on other popular online shopping sites.


    PSP 3000

A pre-owned PSP 3000. No extras included. This package is ideal for people that may already have the peripherals they need to get the most from their console.Hundreds of Titles$78

  PSP Bundle 2


This package gives you just what you need to be able to play games on the PSP 3000. The bundle includes the console itself, along with a charger. It is the best choice for those that are on a budget, or those that are just happy with the basics. Hundreds of Titles$83

  PSP Bundle 3

It is not always possible to have your latest PSP model plugged in, especially when you are on the move. This bundle also includes a battery that allows you to play for some time without access to a power source. This is ideal for people that want a basic package that is also portable.Hundreds of Titles$85

  PSP Bundle 4

This bundle is ideal for people that are often on the move and like to take their console with them. The soft case helps to keep it safe while screen protectors help protect against scratches. An AC adaptor and cable help make sure you are able to charge your PSP no matter where you are. Hundreds of Titles$97

  PSP Bundle 5

Keen gamers like to have access to their favourite titles, and this means storing them on memory cards. This bundles also comes with a 16GB memory card and a 32GB adapter that helps you to take your favourite games wherever you go. Also included in this bundle is a USB adaptor for additional storage and organisation of your games. Hundreds of Titles$104

  PSP Bundle 6

More storage means more games. In addition to previous items, this bundle has an upgraded memory card that has a 32GB memory. This means you have more titles on hand whenever you feel like playing them.Hundreds of Titles$111

  PSP Bundle 7

For just a little more money, you can upgrade to a 64GB memory card, along with previously mentioned extras. This gives you yet more choice, and yet more enjoymentHundreds of Titles$118

  PSP Bundle 8

If you are serious about your portable gaming, why not go for the maximum storage capacity. This package will give you everything you get from the other packages, only with a 128GB memory cardHundreds of Titles$125
Sony Computer Entertainment PSP Console BundleThis package available on Amazon gives you just the basics you need to be able to play: An AC Power Cord, an AC Adapter and a battery pack. A handful of titles are also included. It will also cost you a lot more than our deals. 3 titles: (Cars 2, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, Ape Escape: On the Loose)$165


The Pitfalls of Ebay and Amazon

When looking for cheap PSP consoles, it often pays to shop around to see what’s available. Sites like eBay are popular but not only can you often find a better deal elsewhere, there are also risks of buying on eBay, such as unreliable sellers. You will also find limitations of buying on Amazon such as issues with shipping.

Buy PSP bundle deals from us, however, and you can be confident of a great without any problems with getting your products. For just $25, we will ship your order to anywhere in the world.