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7 Must-Have PSP Games




If you love playing video games, you probably know the perks of owning a portable gaming console. Hand-held devices enable you to enjoy your games from any location, provided there’s a wireless connection.

And admittedly, many will agree that the Play Station Portable or PSP is one of the leading gaming consoles in the market, right?  Even If you don’t own one, I’m sure you’ve heard people swear by it.

Most people recommend it because it has an extensive library of games to enjoy whether you are searching for kids or mature content. The games are amazing, interactive and very enjoyable. Here are some of the must-have games you’ll find on the PSP if you are just starting out. Enjoy!


 Ridge Racer


PSP Ridge Racer is one of the top games you should have. It is an arcade racing video game that was developed by Namco for PSP. It is named after the eponymous ridge racer class and features the trademark drift-heavy gameplay, loads of courses and amazing visuals.

It has a soundtrack that has been remixed from 1990’s previous titles, tracks, and cars. Some have hailed Ridge Racer for PSP as a compilation of games. Ultimately, the game’s main feature, like others in the Ridge Racer series is drift racing. It’s exciting to own and certainly a must-have for those who want something to show off to their friends.


WipEout Pure


This is another leading PlayStation game to consider. It has an extremely well-polished rendered introduction sequence. The game features a futuristic racing game, combat racing and a soundtrack loaded with popular names and intense beats. WipEout fusion also came out soon after, and both are a must have for your gaming pleasures.


Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

This game may probably be the best in its category. It’s the most technically demanding game in its class and has an epic, gripping storyline with tough multiplayer options. The game’s action-adventure will leave you wanting for more.


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite


The 2008 release of the monster hunter is what gave this game recognition in the West. The game’s objective is to slay and hunt down huge beasts utilizing a wide range of weapons. It has a mobile nature and this allows you to link up with other players and tackle operations together. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has more monsters, equipment, and missions than Freedom 2. It also has a Felyne fighter feature to help the player in their quests.


Princess Crown


This PlayStation portable though original to Japan can be played on Western Systems. It comes with a large amount of Japanese text but is still easy to appreciate and enjoy. The battle sequences on this PSP offer ample excitement to the player.

This game is loved for its fighting engine, 2D visuals and its numerous quests that feature diverse main characters. It tells the story of Princess Gradriel who at a young age ascends the throne following the death of her mother. She finds the formalities of the palace to be quite unappealing and she decides to flee and tour her kingdom.

Her mission away from the palace is to find out what ails her people. This leads her to an exciting adventure that even sees her travel through time. Hand drawn graphics show up on the PSP screen in a way that makes them rather exciting.  This is one of those consoles that you must have if you are looking for the best.




Patapon has puzzle elements and matching characters. Patapon is half sim god and half rhythm action.  You enjoy the game by controlling a collection of cute looking creations via a number of button sequences. It is a bit of a challenge to learn this combination and it’s oddly addictive to see your pushes translate into drumming in the game. It has engaging gameplay and appealing art design.


Burnout Legends


The wanton destruction thrills and spills that make criterion so popular are all captured in Burnout Legends. The game has a wide selection of modes including a Chase HQ-style challenge, elimination events, and even the standard races.  The game features many of the gameplay and tracks from the first three Burnout games but is repackaged for the handheld format.

If you are in the market looking for PSP games, pick one from the list above. These are definite must-haves that you need to add to your collection.